Schloss Milkersdorf – A exceptional location for exceptional people

Welcome to the „Schloss Milkersdorf“- welcome to another world. We would like to inspire you in one of the most popular swingers club in Europe, inside of an old monument. You will find an unique environment full of fantasies and magic moments. When the night falls, the fog is raising and only the light of the torches brighten the darkness, now it is time to open the gates of the castle.
Our extravagant events take place every Friday and Saturday and you may expect numerous People full of curiosity from all over the world.

What can you expect inside the castle?

The owner and lord of the castle spared neither time nor money and has created a unique place for lovers of frivolous adventures. The extravagant renovated castle is located in the centre of Milkersdorf, a small village located in the area of Cottbus and in the heart of the well-known Spree-River-Forest.
Let yourself become inspired from our princely cuisine and other culinary delights. Taste the taste of exotic drinks at the bar and let yourself be seduced by the baroque environment.
Relax at the fire place or in the spa area or discover the upper floor and the playrooms with all the pleasure and passion.

Exotic Parties at the castle - now you have the choice

Eyes full of desire, expectant faces, erotic thrills and the fragrance of skin from a stranger…
Probably the Castle Night of Black and White is one of the most popular events for first-time visitors. At this event you can show your frivolous wishes by the color of your mask.
At the legendary Royal Dance Party and the Chateau le Funk Couples dance, let the old walls wobble.
If you love the decadent style of the Roaring Twenties the “Salon Tingel Tangel” or the infamous Erotische Casino-Party might the party of your choice.
Couples and Singles with more specific preferences may like the Abend der O, Shades of Fantasy or the CMNF-Nacht.
We expect all guests in elegant evening clothing, just as we do on all of our famous Parties, the FKK Party Nackelige Livemusik, from 10pm it is a Nude Party, but prior to 10pm the dress code is expected to be elegant.
On the Schlossnacht der Masken, Rendezvous der Lüste and the Schlossnacht der weiblichen Gelüste you may enjoy all of the diversity of our theme events at the castle of Schloss Milkersdorf – each night will be an unforgettable experience.

Who are the guests at Schloss Milkersdorf?

All of our guests have one thing common, they are very open minded, cultivated and humorously. You can expect people from all over Germany, across Europe and from other countries around the world. Probably all of them live in a harmonic relationships, have challenging jobs and would like to escape from all day life just for a view hours. Many of them prefer anonymity and appreciate the discretion and secrecy of the team from the castle.
In general our events are for couples and single ladies only. But the is also a few events where we accept a limited number of gentlemen or even trios. Just have a look to events to find out wich Party might. be the right one for you.
Almost every Party is suitable for a first time visit. However, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. As the castle is located between the cities of berlin and Dresden, you may find an opportunity to visit these cities too. Truly, there is no other place on earth to be compared with the castle of Schloss Milkersdorf.

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