Frequently asked questions

You may be visiting our castle for the first time and have many questions and concerns.
Of course we understand that very well, so please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Maybe you will find an answer to your questions here as well:

1. Where is Schloss Milkersdorf located?
Schloss Milkersdorf is located between Berlin and Dresden in the beautiful Spreewald. And that is the big advantage: A visit to Schloss Milkersdorf can be wonderfully combined with a short holiday. The possibilities for relaxation are unique here, for example in the luxury hotel "Bleiche Resort & Spa". In addition, our special location guarantees a high degree of anonymity: the chance to meet someone you know here is almost impossible.

2. Does a visit mean that a partner exchange is expected from us?
No. Imagine you are going to a restaurant, a bar or you are on vacation: you can spend a relaxing evening in a very special castle ambience. Of course you can also get to know other couples - without having to exchange partners. That's the beauty of Milkersdorf Castle: Everything can, but nothing has to! You alone decide how far you want to go. You can also stay together as a couple and use our lockable separee.

3. How shall we dress?
We attach great importance to a cultivated appearance of our guests and welcome you gladly in elegant clothes: It is not about a fashion show. What we imagine can be found in every wardrobe. Most of the ladies visit us in a short dress or a stylish jumpsuit, the gentlemen in chic trousers and a long shirt. Short sleeve shirts and shirts with imprints are not allowed for men! Of course you can also see our guests in extraordinary outfits, in costumes from baroque to clinic, in lacquer and leather, in fetish.

4. Where can we store our clothes?
Lockers are available for valuables and clothing. In our separees you will also find coat racks, armchairs and shelves for storing your clothes.

5. How many couples normally visit you and how old are your guests?
Depending on the event, we can accept a maximum of 100 couples and therefore always ask for a registration. On Fridays we have an average of between 30 and 50 couples, on Saturdays between 50 and 80 couples, although we cannot guarantee this - sometimes the event is sold out, sometimes fewer couples are present. The average age of our guests is between 35 and 50 years, and each semester can be represented from the beginning of 20 to the beginning of 60. Most of the time it is a colourful mixture.

6. What kind of people visit your events?
You'll find people from all walks of life here. Our experience shows that they are really nice people who treat each other very respectfully. Our guests are open-minded and humorous people who usually live in harmonious relationships, often have ambitious jobs and want to escape everyday life for a few hours into a world of diverse pleasures. Since a tolerant interaction connects all our guests, it doesn't matter whether you are a craftsman, academic, employee, civil servant, dishwasher or millionaire.

7. Do we have to bring towels or bathrobes?
No, it is all available - you just have to bring a good mood.

8. Can we park our car safely and hidden?
Our parking lot is not visible from the street. Your car is not visible either.

9. Why do we have to register before visiting?
We had to set the maximum number of visitors per evening so that the atmosphere would not be too crowded. Some weekends are completely sold out. To avoid disappointment, it is safer to book in advance. Of course you can also call us shortly before an event to ask for free places.

10. Smokers and non-smokers.
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the castle. Since for many guests the cigarette afterwards or a good cigar simply belongs to such an evening, there is the possibility to enjoy it in our cosy smoking area.

11. Mobile phones, tablets, photo and film prohibition.
During the event, please leave all mobile devices in the lockable cloakroom lockers. In order to guarantee our guests the greatest possible degree of anonymity, photos and films are not permitted in the entire castle! Violations will be prosecuted without exception and will be subject to exclusion from the event and a house ban.