Schloss Milkersdorf is a club for couples who enjoy love and life. Over a decade ago, the house was carefully restored - always with the vision of creating a meeting place that leaves nothing to be desired. Since then, the castle has become the most exclusive social-club in Europe. Lust and luxury have become an unmistakable landmark. Schloss Milkersdorf offers its guests a sheltered room full of elegance that is completely dedicated to the moment. An indescribable creation of magic and energy make the castle shine with unrivalled uniqueness.

Every Friday and Saturday the club opens its doors at 7 p.m. and takes its guests into a mysterious world of senses and pleasures. Both, beginners and initiated walk through the castle and are enchanted by a stylish ambience: Everyone is welcome! In elegant evening dresses our guests expose themselves to be fashionable or even frivolous: Everyone can be as they are or as they would like to be. Intellect and instinct meet at an eye level. Schloss Milkersdorf not only represents itself as a place of freedom, it also celebrates the freedom with every single one of its guests.

Culinary delicacies as well as a bouquet of fine wines and spirits are the prelude to an unforgettable adventure. A selection of renowned whiskeys awaits you in the romantic fireside lounge. With only e single expectation, which is champagne, everything is included at Schloss Milkersdorf: Immerse yourself in a world where nothing is expected of you, but you can expect everything. Different event series allow you to experience different fantasies: Dive in and experience a very special night together. Because that’s what we stand in: being a place without borders, a place where nobody is excluded. At our house your long-cherished erotic dreams may come true...